Welcome to my website

writer, tutor, poet and sparkly host of Big Mouth Cabaret

Rosemary teaches creative writing – fiction, novel writing, poetry and performance – in and around Bristol and at festivals¬†and writers or literary conferences. She teaches at Bristol’s Folk House and is an an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at The Open University: she has a MA in Creative Writing.

Rosemary is very proud of Big Mouth Cabaret and Big Mouth Poetry which she set up and ran with fellow poet and writer Tom Phillips.

Her short stories and poetry are published in many magazines and anthologies, and she has also won competitions for prose and poetry. Recently she was one of the winners of New Talent Award at The Romance Festival, and also of an international Twitter short story comp. Rosemary has also use mixed media employing video, music (live and recorded), and visual arts in performance. She also plays the ukulele badly!

Her football poetry appears to have gone Eurovision of late as she has poems included in the curriculum of secondary students in Germany, Finland and Estonia!

Her current novel is with her literary agent – any news exciting or otherwise will soon be revealed.

Rosemary is available for bookings as a tutor and a performance poet. She can also provide mentoring on application.

According to Google “Rosemary looks like a cheap Vegas showgirl“.

She reckons that’s a compliment.