Rosemary Dun writes novels – and sometimes she writes poetry and comedy songs.

She lives close to Bristol’s harbourside, and doesn’t think she could ever live inland. She loves the notion of explorers and adventurers and pirates, and much of her time is spent daydreaming, teaching creative writing online, watching rubbish daytime telly, and reminding herself to go to her office and write!

Rosemary loves words, and stories, and was a terrible show-off as a child – she’s moved on from taking part in poetry slams, playing bad songs on her ukulele, performing her one woman show, and hosting the sparkly Big Mouth Cabaret in Bristol to pursue her dream of being a published novelist. She’s still pinching herself that her dream has come true.

Luckily her two twenty-something daughters have survived her can’t-cook-I’m-too-busy-writing, rather slapdash mothering skills, and are grateful they no longer have to be dragged around to poetry and literary events.

Having won various short story and poetry competitions and being published in anthologies, she moved on to novels and discovered she loves writing them the most. She now teaches on the Open University M.A. for Creative Writing: she was runner up in the Newcomers Award at the Festival of Romance, and published her debut novel The Trouble With Love with Sphere on 1st August 2016.

Rosemary Dun