Rosemary Dun

Hi there

This is the author site for me, Rosemary Dun. This is where you can learn a little about me and all the information about my books and events.

I am an author of women's contemporary fiction under the name of Rosemary Dun, as well as an author of crossover fiction as Rosie Parker. I also write poetry. The Trouble With Love

I am a freelance tutor and run courses in novel writing, poetry, and script writing at Bristol Folk House Currently I am also running tutored retreats at Retreats For You - the next one in April 2023.

I am a freelance mentor and can offer feedback/ critique on novels-in-progress - do contact me for price list - see About page plus Blog

I hope you enjoy my site which I am in the process of updating. Any feedback is truly welcome.

What students said about Retreats For You residential course (see events)

"the retreat was so great and I wished I could have had it 2 years ago.  There was so much concentrated practical learning in it." Anita.

"Whether you are new to writing or experienced, this retreat is for you. Rosemary's exceptional support to prepare your manuscript with handouts, teaching and exercises are second to none. This is a not to be missed opportunity for group/individual discussions and feedback, a chance to share ideas with other writers passionate about their craft in a relaxed setting." Angela

"When I got home from the retreat, I used your informative tutoring notes and guidance to help me plan, plot and strategise the novel. It was given a new title and a plot twist. There are now character sketches, cast lists, setting descriptions, inciting incidents, conflict and tangible goals with climaxes and low points clearly written down and strewn around the writing desk... haha!  To say the retreat in Sheepwash and your expert tutoring, Rosemary, changed the way I approach my writing, is an understatement. It was a tremendous help in moving my new novel forward. I am progressing steadily. Trying to write daily." Anji